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A bowl of chicken soup

The Chicken Soup Awards

The Healing
Power of
Chicken Soup

What’s better than a hot bowl of chicken soup in winter when you are feeling down or under the weather.  It's called Jewish penicillin for a reason, and is now backed up by scientific research

Chicken Soup
Chicken soup awards

The Awards

"A little science, a little magic, a little chicken soup".

Welcome to the home of the Chickensoupawards and a true celebration of Grandma's best, or is it?  The time has come to settle the scores amongst families across North London and beyond.  Who really does make the best chicken soup?

With different categories and classes by age group, there's plenty of time to finesse your recipe as we power through the dark winter months, enjoying the warm glow of chicken soup with noddles, without, with matza balls, without, from Friday Night Dinner to a midweek pick me up, it's your chance to shine.

Chicken Soup Week

Feb 11th - Feb 18th

To celebrate Chicken Soup Week, why not blow away the winter blues and try a new version of chicken soup, guaranteed to make you feel warm!  Check out the recipes below!

best ever chicken soup

Sponsor Partners

With thanks to the support of our partners who enable more people to enjoy the benefits of a warm bowl of chicken soup all over London

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Charity Partners

Helping others feed the mind, body and soul of those in need.  

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Chicken noodle soup
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