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Finnish Kesatäkeitto

Prep Time:

25 Mins

Cook Time:

20 Mins


4 Servings


About the Recipe

Kesäkeitto literally means summer soup in Finnish. Ideally, it should be filled with handfuls of young fresh vegetables, the greater the variety, the better.


1 Small Chicken, quartered

2 ltrs of chicken stock

2 tbs salt

500g spring onions

4 large carrots

45g butter

310g fresh peas

450g fresh green beans, cut into 2 cm pieces

600ml double cream

3tbs cornflour

1 bunch dill chopped


Step 1

Place the chicken stock in a large pot with salt and simmer the chicken for 15-20mins until the chicken is cooked through

Step 2

Remove from the pot and leave to cool. Then using your hands, shred all the chicken from the bones and set aside.

Step 3

Add the spring onion, carrots, butter, peas and green beans to the broth and cook slowly over a medium heat, until the vegetables are tender. (3-4 mins)

Step 4

Meanwhile, mix the cream and corn flour together in a samll bowl until smooth. Add to the soup and bring to a gentle simmer, stirring constantly for a couple of minutes until the chicken broth thinckens slightly. Stir in the reserves chicken, then season and garnish with chopped dill before serving.

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